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    Free daily signals on the futures market with 20x leverage and a cross-country capacity of more than 95

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    Analysis of the most promising currencies that can yield more than 1000%

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Introduction to cryptocurrencies
How did I multiply the capital by more than 100 times?
futures futures

The trading story for our team began in 2017. At that time there were no futures, but the same billiard ball cost about $2,000. We had previously had experience with the stock market, but to be honest these were very modest and unsuccessful experiences.

futures futures

My friend and I invested "for fun" about US$500 in Bitcoin in July 2017 at a price of US$2,500. In the early days, we received less on the transaction (Bitcoin fell by about 20 percent) and hit the cryptocurrency market, thinking it was not the right place to get the funds out. But what was our surprise when we got into finance in the fall and found that our $5,500 had turned into $1,000 in just 3 months!


Trading on the spot market has had varying success and volatility (at that time cryptocurrencies were not yet our main business), but without spending another penny, we approached the opening of the futures market in 2019 with a capital of US.7,000, the bay at the beginning of only US. 500.

With futures, trading has become much more interesting. The capital of $7,700 lost up to $1,500 in a single month, but having received valuable experience-we increased the capital to $3,30,000 in the summer, trading mainly in futures with 20x leverage.

That's when the idea of creating a channel was born. He wanted to share his thoughts with other traders, and chat rooms were not suitable for this purpose.

Our main goal is to create a mutually beneficial community of like-minded people in the cryptocurrency field. If you are interested, please subscribe to our channel and become part of our family!

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Instead, 39 seats remain
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I'm also going to rest for the weekend, thanks admin, by the way. I didn't have time for Alice, but that's enough for me.
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Paid. Thank you for a quality channel, signals and a special thanks for learning. for learning!
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